Harvard case study is more like a “position paper”. The students would review the literature (the case), list out the different options/approaches/alternatives, discuss & assess the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative, and then select your own approach / make a recommendation.

Learning Outcome(s) Assessed:

  • Developing analytical and judgment skills
  • Gain exposures to dynamic organizational and managerial situations
  • Enhance your skills to analyze and defend your opinion as new information or perspectives become available.
  • Incorporate computer modeling techniques (e.g. Macro, what-if analysis, business charting).

What to Expect in a Case:

  • Critical issues are not explicit.
  • Information may be incomplete or ambiguous.
  • Some information may be redundant/irrelevant. Your suggestions/recommendations could vary, and there are no right/wrong answers.

Total Pages 6 excluding heading page and reference,

Pages including reference and heading total 8.

Case Attached Below.


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